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How to use L-BTC on the Flyp.me exchange. L-BTC can be used on the exchange by connecting to any wallet that supports it. Here are the steps: Select the crypto you want to trade, for example BTC, enter the destination address of L-BTC and the amount you want to convert; Enter the redemption address, in this case, the one for Bitcoin LiteBitcoin (LBTC) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate LBTC through the process of mining. LiteBitcoin has a current supply of 172,585,873.904 with 28,940,332.9695 in circulation. The last known price of LiteBitcoin is 0.00041108 USD and is up 10.43 over the last 24 hours A sidechain-based settlement network for traders & exchanges, enabling faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions, and the issuance of digital assets Install the Liquid app on your Ledger Nano S to manage L-BTC and other assets on the Liquid sidechain with Blockstream Green. Before you start. Set up Ledger Live with your Ledger device. Update the firmware on your Ledger Nano S. Install the Liquid app. Open the Manager in Ledger Live. Connect and unlock your Ledger device Transaction fees on the Liquid Network always must be paid in L-BTC, regardless of the asset type you want to send. In optimal cases where many recipients are included in the same transaction, the fee can be as low as ~0.00000122 L-BTC per recipient. A typical single recipient L-BIT transaction costs roughly ~0.00000393 L-BTC

Anstatt den üblichen 6 Bestätigungen (etwa nach 60 Minuten) sehen Exchanges L-BTC-Transfers bereits nach 2 Minuten als verarbeitet an. 2. Rootstock. Smart Contracts gibt es nur auf Ethereum & Co.? Von wegen, auch für Bitcoin gibt es bereits Projekte, die die Implementierung von Smart Contracts in die Kryptowährung Nr. 1 anvisieren. Der wohl prominenteste Versuch ist Rootstock. Der 2-Wege-Pegg mit der Rootstock Sidechain ermöglicht etwa die Entwicklung vo Read more about RUN L-BTC. A liquid bitcoin store

L-BTC. To send L-BTC transactions, users will first need to acquire some L-BTC. Once in possession of L-BTC, users will need to connect to the Liquid Network and create a Liquid wallet in Blockstream Green. Finally, users will then be able to send their L-BTC to a Blockstream Green Liquid wallet address, as they would with any Bitcoin transfer. The L-BTC should arrive within minutes Wie verwende ich das Phoenix Lightning Wallet? Was passiert bei einem Swap von Bitcoin zu Lightning Bitcoin. Timeline: 00:00 Einführung 09:00 Das Phoenix Wal..

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  1. L-BTC is also very secure, being a sidechain to Bitcoin's own network. It is overseen by a group of federated nodes that are hosted by trusted crypto exchanges, large OTC trading desks, and alike
  2. Liquid Bitcoin or L-BTC is essentially a wrapped token that puts Bitcoin on Blockstream's Liquid Network and there are around 2,054 L-BTC in circulation, a number that has seen a steady increase over the past couple of months. The membership for Liquid is not just intended for cryptocurrency exchanges, but also for platforms such as OTC desks. In the case of the latter, there is a risk of.
  3. Japan: FinTech-Start-up verbindet Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) mit YEN Stable Coin. Veröffentlicht von BTC Echo | 22. Jan 2019 | Allgemein, Krypto | 0 | Dass die Blockchain-Technologie noch in den vielzitierten Kinderschuhen steckt, hält sie nicht davon ab, weiter in Richtung Massenadaption zu tapsen. Während die Regulierungsbehörden dieser Welt der Technik noch größtenteils mit interessierter.
  4. Transacting L-BTC via a Lightning payment. Now that a channel is open to a peer on the local network, we can generate a Lightning invoice and send an L-BTC micropayment
  5. Get the full Bitcoin price history on Messari, including all-time high and daily historical time series of Open, High, Low, and Close (OHLC) for Bitcoin USD (BTC-USD)

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The L-BTC should arrive within two minutes. Congratulations, you're now on Liquid Network! If you get a friend to set up a Blockstream Green Liquid wallet, you can also try sending them a few Liquid satoshis. Note: To swap L-BTC back to BTC, use Sideshift (early access), swap with a friend, or peg-out with a participating Liquid member exchange

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o Maren Oslac, Master Instructor Maren Oslac, the founder and director of the Illinois Ballroom Teachers College, is a national level instructor and owner of Heart & Sole Dance, the premier ballroom.. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All content provided herein our website, hyperlinked sites, associated applications, forums, blogs, social media accounts and other platforms (Site) is for your general information only, procured from third party sources. We make no warranties of any kind in relation to our content, including but not limited to accuracy and updatedness Blockstream has announced the release of its Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) sidechain wallet for everyday users. The Bitcoin infrastructure developer says the sidechain wallet offers greater ease in L-BTC transactions instead of the more technical command line protocols. This according to an official blog post, March 11, 2019. Liquid Core: The.. All Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) are verifiably 1-to-1 backed by bitcoin. Anyone can move bitcoin to the sidechain through a peg-in using a Liquid node, while peg-outs should be conducted through a Liquid Federation member. How to Acquire L-BTC. Asset Issuance. Assets issued on Liquid are native to the sidechain, providing fast and private transactions that scale even during times of high traffic.

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  1. utes by Edoardo Vecchio on July 7, 2019 Bitcoin The Liquid Network , the world's first production Bitcoin sidechain, is now accessible from the mobile wallet Blocksream Green
  2. Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Bitcoin interchangeability. For every service which involves a Bitcoin payment, the user can substitute traditional Bitcoin payments for Liquid Bitcoin payments. This includes: Buy Bitcoin using L-BTC; Pay bills using L-BTC; Pay personal payees using L-BTC; Sell L-BTC for CAD in your bank account; Buy L-CAD with L-BTC
  3. This is a Bisq Network proposal. Please familiarize yourself with the submission and review process. Background Liquid is a federated sidechain pegged to the Bitcoin blockchain, featuring Confidential Transactions (CT) and Confidential A..
  4. Liquid deliveries (L-BTC) are processed instantly. Please enter your Bitcoin address You will need to provide a Lightning Invoice or open a request in your Lighting wallet in the next ste
  5. Liquid is one of Blockstream's flagship products that is an inter-exchange settlement network that exists as a Bitcoin sidechain. It connects numerous exchanges to provide better liquidity through faster Bitcoin transactions, and users can even issue their own assets. It has a native asset, L-BTC, which is pegged to Bitcoin via the sidechain
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  1. Bitcoin on the Liquid Network, or L-BTC, is verifiably backed 1:1 by bitcoins on the mainchain as Liquid is a federated sidechain between bitcoin exchanges and market [] Read More. 01/02/2021. No Comments
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  4. Liquid (L-BTC) The Liquid network is sidechain based settlement network that operates alongside Bitcoin, designed for traders and exchanges. Liquid deposits and withdrawals are available on many exchanges to provide quicker transfers between exchanges and increased privacy through the use of Confidential Transactions. You can read more on.
  5. L-BTC. To send L-BTC transactions, you'll need to acquire some L-BTC. There are multiple ways of getting hold of L-BTC, but we've made a couple of guides available, and will be adding more guides for other methods soon: Acquiring L-BTC on Bitfinex (non-US users only) Acquiring L-BTC via a peg-in using a Liquid full nod
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L-BTC can then be freely traded on Liquid, and one can also destroy L-BTC, at which point the federationthatcontrolsthemultisigwillsendanequivalentamountofBTCfromthemultisigto thepartythatdestroyedtheL-BTC(ie. 1-for-1backing). Note that one can have a federated peg between two public chains, or between a public chain andaconsortiumchain. Inthelattercase,itisarguablysimplesttohavetheentitiesth The L-BTC symbol is used by exchanges which support bitcoin on Blockstream's Liquid Network. Further states, Exchanges where you can buy and/or sell bitcoin using Lightning network: Bitfinex - No KYC If receiving L-BTC, you must use a wallet that can reveal your blinding key, like the core Elements software (Blockstream Green won't work, as of this writing) [Updated: 12 Apr, 2021] Caution: Some altcoin exchanges include a cryptocurrency with the symbol LBTC for Lightning Bitcoin. This is NOT the same as bitcoin on Lightning network ⚡.That currency symbol is for a small value altcoin that has no relation to the bitcoin Lightning network ⚡.There is another currency symbol that may be similar, L-BTC, and that too is unrelated to. BANZ Trading and Contracting W.L.L. (BTC) is a 100% owned subsidiary of BANZ Group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, formerly known as Bhatia & Company (Bahrain) W.L.L.. BTC is one of the oldest and most reputed trading, engineering and contracting companies. With an expertise acquired over 70 years of continued service, further backed by highly skilled manpower, the company undoubtedly enjoys the trust of a large prominent clientele across many Industry Verticals

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SideShift is also an innovative platform in the sense that it is one of the first offering Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) swaps. Trading Fees: Variable & Fixed: Exchange Limits: No limits: 10. Switchere. Votes: 7. KYC is required. Switchere is an Estonian based instant Bitcoin exchange. The platform lets users purchase Bitcoin and couple other cryptos through a simplistic interface, all you do, is. BTC . all-rounD transLation agency. A team consisting of 13 permanent staff members, native speakers, and more than 50 freelance translators in Belgium and abroad, all selected according to strict criteria. This sums up BTC, the Belgian Translation Centre. You can count on us for linguistic and translation services Lend at Hodl Hodl, a P2P lending platform that champions user privacy, has announced the addition of Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) lending.This follows the success of Liquid-based USDt on the platform, where it is currently the most-loaned asset. An Alternative to Swaps. L-BTC lending will provide Bitcoin users with an alternative on-ramp to improved privacy, faster transaction times, and lower. Melden Sie sich an oder registrieren Sie sich, um diese Fuktion zu benutze Hektoliter in Liter (hl in l) BTC in Euro (Bitcoin in EUR) 10.484 Schritte in km (pace in Kilometer) 1 g/m3 in kg/m3 (Gramm/Kubikmeter in Kilogramm/Kubikmeter) 0,28 kg/m3 in g/l (Kilogramm/Kubikmeter in Gramm/Liter) Prozent in Zentimeter/Meter (pct in cm/m) 540 km2 in hm2 (Quadratkilometer in Quadrathektometer

The offering is open to non-US qualified investors with a minimum investment of €200,000, or the equivalent in Bitcoin (BTC), Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), or Tether (USDt). BMN mining operations are estimated to begin by the end of 2021Q2. Subsequent tranches will be issued from mid 2021Q3 on a monthly basis for the following 12 months LIQUID SIDECHAIN SUPPORT Send and receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), Tether's USDt, and any other Liquid-based assets with the Liquid wallet. TWO-FACTOR MULTISIG SECURITY Unique dual-key security with one key protected by two-factor authentication. Multiple authentication options are available including, Google Authenticator, SMS, and email. Bitcoin power users will feel right at home with a wide range of advanced features and industry-firsts: FEE CONTROL Fully customizable transaction fees. Pionex has listed BTC2L(BTC with 2L leveraged) on March 18, 2021 at 10:30 (UTC+8). Risk Warning: Digital currency trading has huge risks. Please purchase with caution and pay attention to the trading risks. Pionex will select high-quality currencies, but will not assume responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for any of your transactions

Alternatively, withdrawing a liquid asset normally conveys to have L-BTC to cover the transaction fees. However, in order to reduce the friction for the user we are charging from the user balance in satoshis such costs. The current cost to withdraw liquid assets is fixed (2000 sats). Eventually, the cost would be dynamic based on the network traffic. LIGHT⚡ NITE - Withdraw skin Purchase. TradingView. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now 30-day Free Trial Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing extra Upgrade early Get 6 months free Use last chance Get a month for $ I mentioned this earlier this week. We are looking for a great moment to get back in #bitcoin and I think that the green bar in the RSI is another golden opportunit Crypto.org Coin (CRO) Crypto assets. Cosmos (ATOM) Crypto assets. Zcash (ZEC) Crypto asset Experimental mining project to combat inequality and climate change. Optimised CPU miner utilising KDB+. - sandybradley/qMine

STEFANIE RITZMANN in ihrem Arbeitszimmer. Heute erhält sie von Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann den Verdienstorden des Landes.Foto: sl Ich liebe das Leben'' Stefanie Ritzmann erhält den Verdienstorden des Lande Blockstream Green: Simple and secure Bitcoin wallet. Blockstream Green makes it easy to get started sending and receiving Bitcoin and Liquid-based assets such as L-BTC and Tether's USDt. Blockstream Green makes it easy to get started sending and receiving Bitcoin and Liquid-based assets such as L-BTC and Tether's USDt Bisq is an open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative cryptocurrencies Emisión de tokens L-BTC desde septiembre de 2018. Fuente Liquid.net. El estudio publicado por Arcane Reasearch indica que desde noviembre de 2019 la emisión de L-BTC token ha aumentado en un 400%, pasando de tener 97 a casi 2.500 L-BTC en los últimos meses. Según el estudio, este incremento es una demostración de que más participantes ven beneficios al utilizar esta sidechain para.

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  1. ACM12V-701-2PL-TL00 TDK Gleichtaktdrosseln / Filter 80V 8A 700ohms AEC-Q200 Datenblatt, Bestand und Preis
  2. Listen to Stereo Wubs on Spotify. LiL BTC · Single · 2018 · 1 songs
  3. ‎Blockstream Green is a simple and secure Bitcoin wallet that makes it easy to get started sending and receiving Bitcoin and Liquid-based assets such as L-BTC and Tether's USDt. Built by one of the most respected teams in the Bitcoin industry, Blockstream Green is supported across multiple platform
  4. utes, and use it to manage your bitcoin, Tether, and other assets on the Liquid Network. * BUY BITCOIN * Buy bitcoin and Liquid Bitcoin right from the AQUA app, no documents required. Multiple payment options are available i
  5. Product group: Pigments Chemical nature: triarylmethane dyes dissolved in: solvent(s), acetic acid...%, Water Packaging: 30KG PLASTIC JERRICANS Expiry: 12.01.2021.
  6. Has It Been Done Before? Several other companies have also introduced similar Bitcoin-backed cryptocurrencies. BitGo launched Wrapped Bitcoin, or W-BTC, which brings Bitcoin-pegged tokens to Ethereum (ETH); Blockstream created Liquid Bitcoin, or L-BTC, which is part of the Liquid Network.. Binance's Bitcoin-pegged token will be handled directly by its users
  7. Chick-fil-A Long Beach, Long Beach. 2,544 likes · 11 talking about this · 10,971 were here. Long Beach's Most Popular Restaurant, Chick-fil-A at Long Beach Towne Center, is everyone's FIRST choice in..

KingGee Streams: Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, and Rocket Leagu BitMEX is working with Blockstream to support L-BTC deposits and withdrawals as part of a pilot program for Liquid Members. Cobo, Coinone, Coinut, GOPAX, and Huobi are all working on Liquid integrations to enable L-BTC deposits and withdrawals for their users. Poolin, a major cryptocurrency mining pool operator, will add an L-BTC withdrawal option for mining payouts. BnkToTheFuture are.

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ChainX (PCX) roadmap, news & upcoming events: hard fork, halving, release, airdrop, listing on Binance and others Professional trading with Bitcoin futures and options. Use leverage with low margin requirements. Ultimate security with 100% cold storage and PGP encryption Notwendige Cookies und Technologien. Einige Technologien, die wir einsetzen, sind notwendig, um wichtige Funktionalität bereitzustellen, z. B. um die Sicherheit und Integrität der Website zu gewährleisten, zur Konto-Authentifizierung, für Sicherheits- und Privatsphäre-Präferenzen, zur Erhebung interner Daten für Website-Nutzung und -Wartung sowie um sicherzustellen, dass die Navigation. ChainX event: Listing on KuCoin on March 26, 2021. ChainX PCX future and past events Listen to Without Love on Spotify. The Teen Idol!! · Song · 2010

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Among those questions, you may be wondering, Is it possible for me to sell my bitcoin for cash? The short answer to that question is, Yes, you can sell bitcoin for cash. Of course, like all other cryptocurrency transactions, the way to do it is not immediately obvious if you are a newcomer LEO.org: Ihr Wörterbuch im Internet für Portugiesisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen, mit Forum, Vokabeltrainer und Sprachkursen. Natürlich auch als App This week, Blockstream launched Liquid Core, a cross-platform desktop wallet made for Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) transactions. Liquid core borrows heavily from the Bitcoin blockchain protocol. However, the platform is an easier-to-use alternative to liquid and liquid-cli, both of which have a command line interface. We're excited to announce Liquid Core, a new multiplatform desktop wallet [ 488k members in the btc community. When r/Bitcoin moderators began censoring content and banning users they disagreed with, r/btc became a community

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For BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH and Liquid Network we're using HD wallets based on Threshold Signatures (TSS) to provide highest security and privacy levels for both - transactions and withdrawals. Full Bitcoin Segwit & Bech32 support Move around your Liquid assets without L-BTC. Pay per use with USDt or buy a prepaid package to get an API KEY. Pay with USDt Use API KEY. Top-up with Liquid Tether. 1. Request a partial signed transaction. This includes Liquid Bitcoin for the fees. 2. Import in your wallet and adds your USDt inputs and outputs . 3. Broadcats the final transaction to the network within the expiration time (by.

昨日のBitcoin 2020092 BTC COMPANY W.L.L - Home. Established in 2003, BTC COMPANY W.L.L manufacture and install the highest quality bespoke joinery, fitted interiors ,free standing furniture & modular Ready To Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in a range of finishes that are high end yet commercially viable for our client & the most exceptional homes Bahrah Trading Company W.L.L. (BTC), Kuwait - Company Information. Get up-to-date business information, contact details, latest news and press releases and people contacts on ZAWYA MENA Editio

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Boodai Trading Co. Limited W.L.L. (BTC), Kuwait - Company Information. Get up-to-date business information, contact details, latest news and press releases and people contacts on ZAWYA MENA Editio 409l Bostitch Battery Charger (43.8% similar) Pictures are of the item that you will receive charger is new an, it was a from kit. This listing is for a Bostitch btc490l 18-volt lithium-ion battery charger. Shipping is free for the USA onl Int'l BTC: 0.005 BTC (subject to fluctuations, right now it's ~$125 so fair) Volume 2 to follow soon (really, this time). Also far greater than the original (and forever delayed) plan, with a strong focus on hardware (HAL implementations) and Android 10, 11 and 12 features. Volume 3 (yep!) dealing exclusively with security to arrive sometime around mid-year. Jury's still out if I follow the. MUFG is placing cashless projects high in their list of priorities of digital strategy. Bitcoin applications in Japan are on the rise as Blockstream, a sidechain of Bitcoin is also catching up with the trend by releasing Japanese yen stablecoin (JPY-Token), possible for trading with bitcoin pegged to the Liquid sidechain (L-BTC)

301 Moved Permanently. ngin SideSwap enables you to quickly swap your Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) for Tether (USDt) through an atomic swap, fully settled within two minutes. Like any transaction on Liquid, the swap is protected by Confidential Transactions, blinding the amounts and assets exchanges on the Liquid blockchain. Faster L-BTC Peg-In/Ou

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Blockstream Explorer is an open source block explorer providing detailed blockchain data across Bitcoin, Testnet, and Liquid. Supports Tor and tracking-free This is a significant milestone as Liquid users can now make Liquid-BTC (L-BTC) transactions instantaneously and privately. There are also plans to extend the feature to cover other assets on the Liquid sidechain, such as tokenized stocks and fiat tokens This isn't all that useful to you though unless you are using an exchange that will convert your BTC (or L-BTC) to L-USDT and you were wanting to keep the L-USDT yourself (e.g., using Blockstream Green wallet). Another approach some people do is to not sell their bitcoin but to use derivatives to create a synthetic dollar. Or selling covered CALL options, and enjoying the premiums for when. Signal Date Pair Leverage Buy Rate Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Target 4 Stop Loss Manual Close Final Profit/Loss Duration 1 5 . 1 1 . 2 0 2

It is a sidechain of Bitcoin which is meant to help with its scalability by offering lower fees with the L-BTC token pegged to BTC. Federated 2-way pegs are easy to implement and can show a good performance, but they require a certain level of trust in the federation It uses a one-to-one pegged token called L-BTC to move funds around more quickly than the regular network, which is overseen by a federation of select nodes. Those nodes are typically hosted by.

Learn the methods to create more success and more securit Send and receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) a sidechain to Bitcoin; Integration with the Ledger Hardware wallet; Watch-only wallets to keep track of Bitcoin balances; Connect via Tor, no personal information is required except your email for wallet recovery . C. Blockfolio. A highly popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that's 100% free to use. Your Bitcoin will be lock on your wallet and Mapped by 1:1 as X-BTC on ChainX. X-BTC could be transffered on Chain. L-BTC is the BTC locked in your own wallet, and can not be transffered on Chain...

BTC City Ljubljana Odpiralni čas. Delovni čas Trgovine in storitve. PON-SOB: 9.00-20.00; NED in PRAZNIKI: ZAPRT Bisq also supports a variety of cryptocurrencies for buying and selling bitcoin, like XMR, ETH, ZEC, L-BTC or LTC. Because altcoin transfers are irreversible and relatively quick, altcoin trades can be up to 2 BTC in size right away (no need to wait for account aging or account signing). Payment Method Trading Period Per-Trade Limit Altcoins: 1 day: 2.00 BTC Altcoins Instant: 1 hour: 2.00 BTC. One platform that seamlessly blends the transparency and security of blockchain technology and the peer-to-peer qualities of smart contracts. With mutual leveraging components of crowd-funding all augmented by the fastest moving compensation plan that this universe has ever seen Loverilbtc's feedback and Bitcoin buy sell offers

Currently, you can use LocalBitcoins in any of 15,243 cities in 248 countries. The company has stated that there are around 1.35 million users globally right now, and that weekly transaction volume is equivalent to around $14 million. So if you are in the market to sell, there are plenty of folks in the market to buy 64 Likes, 1 Comments - Peer4Queer (@peer4queer) on Instagram: #actout ! In der aktuellen Ausgabe des @szmagazin outen sich 185 queere Schauspieler*innen un The JPY-Token is the first stablecoin of its kind approved by the Japanese Government, and can be traded against Liquid bitcoin (L-BTC), which is pegged to bitcoin. The intention is to enable. Now, Nym will compensate operators using bitcoin. One way it offers rewards is through L-BTC on the Liquid sidechain using the Blockstream Green wallet. Liquid offers on-chain privacy using. BANZ Trading & Contracting W.L.L. (BTC) shelving division offers specialized solutions in the field of storage systems (large or small, customized or standard). We are known for our association with the world class brand SSI Schaefer which coupled with our experience, makes us the undisputed leading shelving and racking service provider in Bahrain. After a careful and detailed examination of.

The first testnet for the MimbleWimble implementation on Litecoin remains on track for a September launch, lead developer David Burkett said in a July update yesterday.. Among the various aspects of the impending launch was focussing on the Initial Block Download in the last month, said Burkett Liquid's native Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) asset is backed by a two-way peg to Bitcoin (BTC) and can be redeemed at any time, providing institutions and end users with a secure and rapid way to transfer bitcoin between members with full settlement in two minutes. Liquid's Issued Assets brings bitcoin-like features to traditional assets, such as tokenized fiat, digital reward points, and attested. [block:api-header] { title: Exchanges & Transfers } [/block] We support a number of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and many ERC20 tokens Blockstream Jades are currently sold out and are expected to be available for purchase again in April. Fully open-source for both hardware and software, Blockstream Jade secures your keys offline in combination with Blockstream Green. The device supports both Bitcoin and its leading sidechain, the Liquid Network. Out of the box, Blockstream Jade enables you [ CAT D'ANTIBES (g Tale of the Cat) 2 wins at 2, A$185,800, GCTC Ken Russell Classic, L, BTC Russell Daniells the Good Guys H., 2d QTC Gold Edition P., 3d QTC Sires' Produce S., Gr.2, BTC Champagne Classic, Gr.2, 4th GCTC Magic Millions 3YO Trophy, RL. Allegra. 2 wins at 1100m, 1200m, STC Hyland Race Colours H., 3d AJC McGrath Estate Agents Revenue H., STC MB Insurance H. Dam of 6 winners. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Anja Borning im größten Business-Netzwerk der Welt an. Im Profil von Anja Borning sind 5 Jobs angegeben. Auf LinkedIn können Sie sich das vollständige Profil ansehen und mehr über die Kontakte von Anja Borning und Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen erfahren

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