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You can now customize the campaign where required and send it out to any specific person or any of your new subscribers. This way, MailChimp allows you to send personalized emails to your targeted audience. You can send a MailChimp campaign to one person and new subscribers if the email has already been sent to an older audience How to Send a MailChimp Campaign to a Single Email Address. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8 How To Send MailChimp Email To One Person. The short answer is: a lot. The much less short answer is: the more eyes you can get on your blog, the more of those eyes will move their hands over to your web links and also click them. Once they do that, you've got them right where you desire them to be Mailchimp Transactional is Mailchimp's dedicated transactional email service. Mailchimp Transactional sends email(s) to one recipient, triggered by the recipient's action or inaction. Plan requirements: Mailchimp has several plan options with different sets of features to best fit your needs Constant Contact - The Pros MailChimp Send Email To One Person FREE 60-day trial for U.S. and Canadian clients, without a credit card required (one of the very best trials you can... Support group will certainly connect several times throughout your trial duration to respond to any kind of.

On the following screen enter their email address, first name, last name and tick to confirm you've got permission to email them. This is where GDPR comes in - you must have permission to email them and when you add people in this way MailChimp won't send them a double opt in email so it's asking you to confirm you're doing things in the proper way. Generally, when we get asked how people can send emails to one person at a time it's to send internal HR emails, or pretty emails to customers. In Mailchimp you can send a campaign to just one person under their free plan. So you can pick a template - write an email - and send to just that single client. You could also save that template giving the same name as that client for future use If so desired You can send campaign to single email address in mailchimp through this method. However you can't send the same campaign more than once to same email address. create an automation email with API 3.0 as trigger. Now, to send a campaign, make POST call to the given url with email address in your mailchimp

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  1. I think you can do single step automations with a free account. If so, you can make an automation that is triggered by a tag. When you want the person to get that email, tag their contact record and it should send the email. You can only apply a particular tag once though. If you want people to get this email more than one time this wouldn't work
  2. I want to add more than 1 email address to a single MailChimp subscriber. I want to do this because I am running a program with various contacts, and need to make sure each contact is kept up to date. My current workaround is to make new entries for each individual contact. This means that any time an event's address, time, or location is changed, it must be manually updated for every contact
  3. Share the URL to your campaign archive, so people can quickly catch up on your recent content. Find Your Sent Email Campaigns. Share recent email campaigns . Insert the *|LIST:RECENT|* merge tag into any email campaign, and we'll replace it with a list of links to your most recent email campaigns. To share campaigns when new people subscribe to your emails, include the merge tag in your final welcome email or automated welcome email
  4. If you want the email to go out immediately to someone when they subscribe, make sure that you click the dropdown menu and choose immediately, this will ensure that the email you create above will automatically send to someone who subscribes. There are several options here, just use the one that fits the approach you want to take with a new subscriber. Click the grey Update Trigger button at the top right when you are done
  5. I have created an Email marketing campaign using the MailChimp platform. I can not figure out how to send it to only one individual, can someone tell..
  6. Enter the e-mail address you would like to use to send Mailchimp email campaigns. Click the Send Verification Email button. Head over to your email and click the big Verify Domain Access button in the email you receive from Mailchimp or copy and paste the code into the Enter verification code box on the Mailchimp page and click Verify

MailChimp is great because you can send up to 12,000 emails every month and http://www.online4adime.com How to send emails to your customers with MailChimp To let MailChimp send emails which appear to come from your is yet another signal to inbox providers that you're not the best when it comes to sending emails to people who actually want them. When it comes to how you build your list - there's one key rule. Only add emails to your list of people who have actually said they want to receive your emails. One thing that you might consider. In MailChimp online you can do this with the following 8 steps. Replicate your email campaign. In the To section of the Campaign Builder, click Edit Recipients. Click the Segment drop-down menu and select Group or new segment. Click the Contacts match drop-down menu, and choose all How To Send An Already Sent MailChimp Campaign To New Subscribers Only. Go to the campaign screen Click on the drop down menu right here Select Replicate Select Create new Segment Select date added after Now you can go on customize your campaign where needed and send it out to your new subscrbers. On Vide

Just head to Settings > Email Settings and click the big orange plus button. (At no extra cost when using Salesflare!) Connect an extra mailbox to send from by clicking the orange plus button. 2 Mailchimp syncs all email addresses, not just the primary one Planning Center would email. So, if a person has more than one email address on their profile, you'll send the email to all the email addresses. The wrong name: Mailchimp uses Merge Tags to populate names on emails. The from email address needs to be a verified domain name in your Mailchimp account. If you see a message saying. The next step is to create a segment in your Mailchimp account. To do this, navigate to the list you want to segment, and under the Manage contacts dropdown, click on Segments. Next, click on Create Segment You will now see the section where you can define your conditions

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Mailchimp requires you to have at least one audience and, depending on your Mailchimp plan, you can have more than one. Subscribers could have belonged to both groups, which would have made it easy to send an email to someone who loves both dogs and cats. Groups in Mailchimp allow you tag individual contacts in different ways. The idea is that you create one or more Group Categories (e.g. How to Send a Customized Automated Email Campaign in Mailchimp. If one of Mailchimp's pre-built campaigns doesn't meet your needs—and this is likely the case if you're sending a series of emails—you'll need to design yours from scratch. You'll start by following the same steps listed above for using a pre-built template

Is it possible to use MailChimp to send one email to one person? For example, to use it to send out order confirmations and the like Sending Broadcast Emails with Mailchimp. A broadcast email is an email you send out once (say, an announcement about a feature launch). You can do that in Mailchimp by clicking the Create button in the upper right corner of the screen, then the Email tab, then choosing Regular tab, and clicking the Begin button Just schedule the re-send for 2-5 days after your original email is sent, MailChimp will take care of updating the segment accordingly (ie: it will say 0 recipients in the Update Recipient Count area from Step 3, but don't worry - it will work properly when the re-send actually goes out). Resending is quick and easy, and makes us feel confident we've put the email and links in front of as.

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  1. 3. How To Send An Email With Mailchimp. Once you have created a list, you will want to send out an email. After logging in to Mailchimp the first step is to Create a Campaign. When the dropdown appears, select Email. (Every email counts as one campaign). Then you want to choose 'Regular' in the next box and give your campaign a name
  2. Unless you segment your lists, an email sent to a list gets sent to every email address on that list. Mailchimp users very quickly get used to the idea that the way to group people together is to create a list or a segment. If you need more than one group of people, you'll either segment a list or create an additional list. What's Different About Lists in Drip. Drip has the concept of a.
  3. The repeated campaign will only be sent to these contacts.. Click on Save, then send it, or select a specific time to send your campaign. All set! Here's how you can resend your MailChimp campaign. What to do next? To see if the campaign you resend influenced interactions, be sure to track your report list. Create reports for email campaigns
  4. MailChimp is one of the most powerful tools for interaction with subscribers and newsletters management, and it is suitable for both simple WordPress users and experienced web developers. This mailing service is one of the great wasy to expand the list of email addresses on your WordPress blog. Together with useful content, it will help you build an extensive audience and promote your blog
  5. How do you send a Mailchimp campaign email to one person at a time? or is there a better way of doing this? Hi there. I've created a nice email on Mailchimp for a client. The purpose of this email is for when my client meets with her new clients and gets their contact info, they'll then send them this email as a follow up. I created a campaign and sent it to my email as a test but now my only.

I would like to know how can I sent individual mails using mail chimp api. e:g: If a new user register in my site I want to sent a confirmation mail using mail chimp api. I created a campaign for confirmation mail and also created a list. And I subscribed new user dynamically to the list. After that i can only sent one mail, after the campaign. Send the test to One or more account users, i.e. people who have a for your Mailchimp account. If you are on the Free plan, you will only have one account user unless you had created additional users prior to May 2019. If you are only sending tests to your self and/or your team, this is the best option to use Or if you wanted to send an email just to people who really hate DSN, you could send a campaign to people who voted either 8, 9 or 10. Just like Mailchimp surveys, running polls helps you learn about your subscribers, making it much easier and more effective to talk to them, get them to open and click emails, and even purchase things from you You'd like to send an email to visitors who are not members who have visited the museum before a certain date. Here is where we can use MailChimp's and/or targeting with tags. When you are selecting to whom the email should be sent, select your main list and then Group or New Segment under Segment or Tag. Add in your criteria below. In this. And one aspect of that was learning how to make better use of my Email Marketing Tool: MailChimp. At the beginning of last year, when I decided that I wanted to direct my full focus on workflow creation in Trello , I started a new mailing list which developed surprising growth rates as the year came to an end

In Mailchimp, instead of sending the attached file to all recipients, we send a link to the file and the recipient then clicks the link to download the attachment when they wish to view the file. To do: In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, click Edit Design I do have one question though - is it possible to re-subscribe people to an email list in bulk? Due to Covid, a lot of people have temporarily suspended accounts with us that they plan to reactivate later. While they're suspended we don't want to send them emails and can bulk import their email addresses to unsubscribe them. However, we.

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If you can manage the list yourself, you can use Mandrill, which is the delivery platform behind MailChimp. It would cost $20 to send 100,000 e-mails. Pricing is similar at other SMTP-as-a-service platforms like SendGrid, Mailgun and Postmark. Transactional Email from MailChimp - Mandrill Of course, if you're not on the up-and-up regarding SPAM laws and such, you won't be on any of those. You do get one-on-one training to help you use the platform. This indicates that it's not simple to set things up. However, with a little hard work, you're well on your way to sending customized emails to the right people. When you focus on value, trust, and good service, you can easily see how ActiveCampaign is there for you. Pricin MailChimp vs Constant Contact: Summary. Constant Contact's plans start at $20/month and they have one of the highest deliverability rates.Mailchimp offers more advanced features, including better automations, reporting, email templates, and a free plan for sending 10,000 emails to up to 2,000 contacts per month. Constant Contact doesn't have a free plan but can be trialed for 60 days

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  1. Mailchimp is one of the most popular marketing platforms out there today. It's an all-in-one marketing platform with features for lead generation, for newsletter management, for surveys, and a whole lot more. If you want to use Mailchimp more on your website, there are a bunch of different ways you can integrate it. First, though, you need to make sure you have a Mailchimp account. If you.
  2. MailChimp is one of the biggest names in email marketing software, right up there with Constant Contact and AWeber.. I've personally used all three, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I've put together this review to help you decide if MailChimp is right for your situation. It's broken into six sections that cover all the main areas of email marketing tools
  3. Mailchimp is one of the world's most popular email with the Premium plan you can send emails to people with more complex criteria - this could be people who have made purchases within the.

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  1. Note that Mailchimp will only send an email when you have new content to promote. You can now build your email, and configure some additional options. These settings include enabling Google Analytics tracking, auto-tweeting your updates, and automatically converting any embedded videos into Mailchimp's email-friendly video merge tags
  2. The email doesn't look like a plain email sent individually to one person from an email client like Gmail. Thus, these designs won't always be appropriate for B2B sales. You want your emails to look as if they are being personally sent from you. (For some pro tips on email personalization, read this or this.
  3. When you send email to someone with a challenge/response filter, here's what happens: If you're not already in that person's buddy list or address book, then you're considered a stranger to him. And if you're a stranger, you could be a spammer. So their challenge/response filter sends you an automatic reply with a question that you have to answer, or some link you have to click (this.

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Although many know Mailchimp as one of the most widely known email marketing tools in the business, it's not the best choice for every business. That's why in this article, we'll cover all the main Mailchimp alternatives suitable for your business. Ready to start? Mailchimp Pricing and Features. Before we get to the alternatives, you should understand what Mailchimp has to offer. Plan. MailChimp (or other bulk mailing systems) - Free - no change of email address The next solution is to use a bulk mailer such as MailChimp. This is free for use in the volumes that Gmail was previously able to handle and is relatively easy to set up according to reports. Significantly, MailChimp messages provide an embedded method to unsubscribe. This not only leads recipients to not use Report. Mailchimp is better suited for people who are just starting out, and for those who don't need marketing automation capabilities. 2. GetResponse (Best All-in-One Mailchimp competitor) Official website: www.getresponse.com; An all-in-one solution to automating your content marketing funnel. Offers a landing page builder, webinars platform, autoresponders, and everything else you need to. Post notification email sent with Jetpack. Hint: they all look the same. Of course, with MailPoet, that's not the case. You get to customize your newsletter with a drag-and-drop email builder, as you'll see later in this post. MailPoet vs Mailchimp. Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of the leading email marketing companies on the planet. However. The types of emails that you are talking about are transactional emails not newsletter emails. The main Mailchimp product is meant for sending out newsletters, where you send out nearly identical emails to everybody on a mailing list, all at the same time. Transactional emails are sent as people need them and are triggered by actions on your site. The main Mailchimp offering is geared.

MailChimp is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there so it's no surprise that it's one of the most crucial plugins for WooCommerce. Its ability to generate new marketing opportunities through emails is extremely valuable for online businesses who want to grow. Additionally, its functionalities to track sales, create automated offers, follow up emails, and send custom generated. One of best email marketing practices says that you need to obtain the recipient's permission before sending emails to them. On the other hand, if you send relevant emails to your customers who purchased your product or used your service in the past, you may not worry about whether they want to receive your emails or not 1. MailChimp charges per subscriber, and by creating multiple lists instead of one Master list, you run the risk of overpaying for MailChimp. 2. If you are sending campaigns to multiple lists, you run the risk of sending the same campaign multiple times to the same subscriber. That's annoying Mailchimp offers three pricing plans (including a free option) based upon the number of emails plan to send and the number of people that you plan to send to. Any Mailchimp fees are in addition to your NeonCRM fees, but use of the integration is free of charge. If you do not already have a Mailchimp account, click here to create one Mailchimp is now one of the world-leading solutions in email marketing. Maybe it's thanks to their generous free offer: you can send up to 10,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers, with only a small footer ad. The premium plans, on the other hand, come with advanced marketing features such as automations

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The Mailchimp-Pipedrive integration lets you send personalized, well-targeted emails to specific lists of customers from Pipedrive. Simply define your segment criteria in Pipedrive, and click on the Mailchimp button at the bottom of the list to export the contacts into Mailchimp So if you don't want your personal account email exposed, you may want to create a new account with a more generic email. How to Send Email to Specific Groups or Users. If you want to send emails to just specific groups, you can use the same interface as above. Just only select the specific groups you want to send an email to

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MailChimp uses shared servers to send email blasts and this land your emails in promotional tab and sometimes in spam box as well. Because of the shared server, your marketing campaigns might lose their importance if sent from MailChimp. Your emails might end up in your recipients spam box and hence your time and energy will be wasted. 5. It's never just about sending emails but ensuring that they stand out and they should be eye capturing to your audience. When it comes to email templates, MailChimp has hundreds of them. The designs are sleek but you'll find a good number of outdated plain ones. On my part, I think MailChimp works best if you create your template from scratch. They have a very robust drag and drop builder. The free plan does not enable you to have multi-step journeys, but you can send a single email after an action. MailChimp, confusingly, likes to call their automations Customer Journerys - so once you click on Automations, you'll see the Customer Journeys title MailChimp let's you send Plain-text emails, they don't load any images or any tracking. Starting a new campaign, selecting a Plain-text email. The only way to track would be by checking the box to allow MailChimp to append a custom URL onto the end of the email MailChimp (or other bulk mailing systems) - Free - no change of email address The next solution is to use a bulk mailer such as MailChimp. This is free for use in the volumes that Gmail was..

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Here is a quick way to add people that are already in you list to your ongoing email series: Export your list. Delete all contact from your list. Follow the steps above to enable sending to imported contacts. Start your automation. Import your subscribers (from the export in step 1 above) into your list MailChimp sends automated campaigns to help you inform, give rewards, and involve your subscribers more. When your store is connected to MailChimp, the software will be able to gather and analyze customer data and movement so that you can create personalized emails and send them to specific subscribers at the right time, automatically. Various triggers such as dates, shopping behaviors, and subscriber inactivity will start the process of sending automated campaigns to encourage subscriber. Choose the Opt-in confirmation email and start building your email. You can either code your email from scratch or use MailChimp's template editor and export your template as HTML. Instead of linking to your landing page, you will use the confirmation link, which will look something like: http://YOUR-ACCOUNT-NAME.list-manage1 For starters, you can create an embeddable form. To create an embeddable form in MailChimp, go to your Dashboard and click Lists: Then, select the list you want to create a form for: From the list details page, click Signup forms: From the Signup forms page, click Embedded forms

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If you want to send emails to just specific groups, you can use the same interface as above. Just only select the specific groups you want to send an email to. If you want to send emails to individual users, you need to use the Send to User (s) option: You can select a single user or use CTRL + click to select multiple users Follow these instructions to have Mailchimp automatically add the first name for each contact into your email campaign. Start designing your Mailchimp email campaign. Login to Mailchimp, click Create Campaign and start creating your email campaign. Make sure you add your Audience and get as far as the Design screen Price: For newsletters, SendGrid lets you store up to 2,000 contacts (and send 6,000 emails/month) for free. Then prices start at $15/month. This is comparable to Mailchimp's pricing model, except that Mailchimp paid accounts start at $9.99. 7. ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp. Another OG email service provider, ActiveCampaign, hit the scene in 2003. This Mailchimp competitor has carved out a clear niche for itself: drip campaign segmentation MailChimp says there's nothing set in stone about email frequency, but recommends sending at least once a month, while news publishers and bloggers may opt for daily sends. Clickz cites MarketingSherpas once again, saying weekly or less frequently is the preferred choice of the vast majority

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How MailChimp Works MailChimp enables people interested in your work or products to subscribe and unsubscribe to email marketing lists through sign-up forms, which are typically placed on a website's sidebar. Emails sent to the user's lists are called campaigns, which can be sent using reusable email designs called templates. Newsletters fall into MailChimp's Regular Ol' Campaign whereas having your blog posts delivered to subscribers via email falls into the RSS-Driven. When people want to send out email like that, I have them email themselves and BCC 500 emails at a time. There's also a way you can have Word and Outlook work together and do an email merge. That would probably be preferable, as each recipient is the to address. Our marketing person here does fairly regular PR news releases in such a manner. The 500 BCC recipients is a limit set in exchange, but I could set it higher 4. MailChimp. You may have used MailChimp before for a newsletter, but it's not just for newsletters. You can send out your blog posts via email automatically using RSS to email campaigns. The advantages of MailChimp are that the editor works much like WordPress or Microsoft Word. You have unlimited RSS to email options per RSS feed People who visited one page but missed another related page; What videos they watched (and how long they watched them) Set up Goal Autoresponders with Mailchimp and you can send out automatic targeted emails based on the content people did or didn't engage with on your website. 9. Time Since Last Purchas

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By default, LGL pushes over First name, Last name, and Email address. The Email address we send is the primary email address (or the top one listed in the constituent record). We only send one email address over per record. If you change which email address is primary in a record that is already subscribed to Mailchimp, then we will edit the record in Mailchimp so the new primary email address overwrites the old one MailChimp lists have to contain only email addresses that were provided by the people directly connected to those email addresses. If you import a list of email addresses you received from another party, MailChimp probably won't know. But when you send a campaign to those email addresses, you are likely to experience a high rate of unsubscribes. If you do, MailChimp is likely going to flag. In the Subscriber Email field, you can click anywhere in the field, and select the Email value that appears in the dropdown menu. That will map the value to that field, so that each time the Zap is triggered by a new Shopify customer, the Zap will send their email address to Mailchimp in the Subscriber Email field

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What we did. We've analyzed over 2.85 million emails sent by GetResponse customers within the first two quarters of 2020.. In our analysis, we only included SMB customers and tracked campaigns that went out to at least 1,000 contacts. We looked at what time and day customers sent their email campaigns and what open, click-through, and click-to-open rates they generated Mailchimp is one of the easiest email systems that I've seen and has limited (but just enough!) features, making it great for beginners or intermediate users. Mailchimp is FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, which can't be said of, well, any other platform that I know of. It's extremely popular, so it integrates seamlessly with tons of other softwares. It includes a drag and drop editor. For example, if you had a list with 2,001 subscribers and wanted to send just one email per month to your list, MailChimp would be the cheaper option at $30 per month (to SendinBlue's $39). However, if you had a list with 10,001 subscribers and wanted to send one email per month to your list, SendinBlue would be the far cheaper option at $39 (to MailChimp's $80) MailChimp is one of the best freemium email tools in the market. The fact that you can send emails to subscribers for free makes this tool a no-brainer for businesses who are looking to build an email list. Chances are you're using this platform to manage your email list, which is a fine choice We'd like to be able to have a shared/multi-access account such that any authorized staff member could send an email to one or more of those groups. One might consider this email marketing, but we really are just communicating with previously established contacts, not soliciting new customers. I've explored Mailchimp and some similar products, but I find the subscription approach to be.

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Sending to 50 or more people at once could end up hurting your entire organization's ability to send email. Why is that? That's what we'll address here. Sending Mass Emails from Outlook: Bad Idea. Sending 'bulk email' or 'mass email' from one email account can look like spam to the Internet's mail servers. If they decide you're. Do not send a common email to promote your brand, rather personalize it. Keep your audience engaged with the mails; Do not send more than one mail-in 3-days. This would save you from being spammy. Always run A/B tests before determining final mailing content. Have automation for the welcome, product guide, and cart abandonment

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Free: It offers a free trial for 15 days to send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers. Rookie: Send unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers at $29/month. Pro: You can send emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49/month. Advance: You can upgrade your plan based on the number of subscribers on your mailing list from 50,000 to 1,000,000. For instance, for sending unlimited emails to 100,000 subscribers, you need to pay $179 /month & so on Just one recipient in 'To' field of email! Create the Outlook message as you usually would, apply the distribution list and just click 'Send Personally' button instead of native 'Send' one. Perform bulk mailing in Outlook but provide a personal greeting for each recipient: name; surname or email address

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B1 MailChimp is connected to MailChimp's Online Newsletter platform, one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter tools with well over 7 million users internationally who uses it to design and send email marketing campaigns. This marketing tool is free to use providing your mailing list is under 2000 recipients. The B1 MailChimp Module offers integration between contacts in SAP. Otherwise, you'll have to bear with the MailChimp branding on your emails. But hey, it's better than nothing. With SendinBlue, the free tier comes with access to unlimited contacts, list management, transactional emails, and basic CRM. But you're limited to sending 300 emails daily. They have Lite, Essential, and Premium tiers. I was surprised that their Premium price tag is cheaper than MailChimp's Winner: Due to the fact that Mailchimp offers a greater number of more attractive email templates, we're giving them the point this round. List management. One thing Mailchimp users have a real issue with is list management, and I totally see why. Mailchimp's lists are mutually exclusive. In other words, you can't include contacts on different lists in the same campaigns. There is also no way to create automations to move subscribers from one list to the other, for example, as there is.

However, one major factor that impacts how someone feels about receiving an email is the timing. you would be sending daily emails to keep people informed. Nature of the email. You should know. Whichever one wins is sent to the rest of your list. If the process sounds tedious, many email marketing services like Mailchimp have automated it to make it easy — even for email beginners. Whether you are just dipping your toes into this tool or looking to dive deeper, here is a Mailchimp A/B testing guide to answer all your questions. When to test . Mailchimp recommends A/B testing when. The first one is by importing email addresses via our API and the second is by exporting Audiences from MailChimp to a CSV file and uploading them to SendPulse with the help of the import button. Let's walk through each method step-by-step. Exporting contacts via API. Step 1. Log into your MailChimp account and proceed to the Profile tab When someone unsubscribes from your list, you can no longer send them emails. However, you are still able to reach this member of your audience in other ways. Specifically, you can still reach these users by marketing to them on Facebook or by sending them something in the mail. Both the Facebook Ads integration and Postcards are marketing tools that Mailchimp has rolled out recently. One day, another Mailchimp employee began joking about him having the accessories piled in his car and asked if he was hawking toilet paper or paper towels, too. Ragin decided to send a letter to.

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This plugin exports one method — addToMailchimp — that accepts one required argument Sometimes you want to send to Mailchimp more than just an email address. Itʼs very common to also send a first name, last name, pathname, etc. Honestly, you can send whatever you want to store alongside the email address. Instructions below on how to create new list fields but once youʼve set them up. how to enable editing the double opt-in confirm subscription email in Mailchimp if you enabled it in SquareSpace; What is a double opt-in and why do I want one? Chances are that you've come across the double opt-in many times before. This is the practice of sending a new subscriber a 'confirm subscription' email in which they need to click a link double opting in (the name makes sense. It's free to send emails to up to 2,000 people, and when your email address list is just your mom, dad, and grandma, more than 2,000 subscribers is way off in the future. Things were going great Flash forward a year later, and my email list was thousands strong (#crushing). and that's when the problems started. As you're about to see, MailChimp has some pretty awesome features for.

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