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You can manually select the dates, the maximum to export at once is 3 months, but I found it crashing often when trying to export 3 months at once. I just make an export for every month Hi all, we really need a way to export our trade history >3 months. Strange thing is, on the binance website I see all of my trades, I just cannot export them properly because the CSV only offers the last 3 months. I really need this information in order to give proper tax information, but Binance is not really helpful here. How come with all the income this company makes, that a simple full export is not possible

the site only allows 3 months. how do i get the rest? Go to self.binance. youtube.co About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Getting trade history for longer than past 3 months

1. Navigate at Binance.com to Orders-> Spot Order (https://www.binance.com/en/my/orders/exchange/usertrade) 2. Select Trade History in the left menu and click on 'Export complete trade history' at the top right corner 3. Please note that Binance exports a maximum of 3 months. If you want to export more than 3 months, you will need to start multiple export After 6 months of being open for business, Binance had accrued a profit of $350 million, mostly from transaction fees. It also boasted 10 million worldwide users. As Binance continued to grow, the company entered a phase of aggressive expansion. They planned to develop relationships with small island nations where they could build offices and set up partnerships Today, we celebrate a milestone in Binance USD (BUSD) history. Six months after its launch as Binance's official US dollar-backed stablecoin, BUSD has surpassed the $100 million mark for its total supply and market cap. As of March 11, a total of 416 million BUSD has been purchased (also known as minted or tokenized), whether through Binance,.

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  1. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which provides an ideal environment to trade over 200 cryptocurrencies. According to coinmarketcap, the platform is currently the largest crypto to crypto exchange platform worldwide, in terms of the trading volume. Binance has its cryptocurrency token known as the Binance Coin (BNB). This can be used to access the platform's apps, services and also to trade against other cryptocurrency coins
  2. Navigate to your Binance account and find the option for downloading your complete transaction history. Import your transaction history directly into CryptoTrader.Tax by mapping the data into the preferred CSV file format. CryptoTrader.Tax automatically generates your gains, losses, and income tax reports based on this data
  3. In this video I shared some useful tips about trading cryptocurrency while evaluating the profits and loses of the 4th most successful trader on Binance. One..
  4. Binance is one of the wonders of crypto world - a completely unregulated platform that popped up during the crypto craze of 2017 and ballooned into the unforeseen heights in only 3 years time. Due to the increasing regulatory pressure, they were forced to restrict access for US traders to their main Binance.com platform and launch a separate, US focused exchange with an audaciously original name - Binance US
  5. Beginning its functions in China and after a change of headquarters to Malta, Binance is among the many crypto exchanges that facilitate the trade of billions in cryptocurrencies. Following the core values of cryptocurrencies, Binance has set its sights on unlocking the financial world by spreading the freedom that cryptocurrencies give their users
  6. Dear Binance Futures Community, On September 13, 2019, Binance Futures officially launched and took our first step, trading 19,253 BTC in volume in the first 24 hours. Just 10 days later, the volume on Binance Futures had increased to 74,647 BTC, which marked an all-time-high and shows volume growth of 388% from Day 1
  7. d, that verification will be required in case you plan on having fiat-crypto transactions

Binance UK Director Departing After Less Than 6 Months. The director of Binance UK, Teana Baker-Taylor, is leaving the cryptocurrency exchange after a relatively brief, half-year stint in the role Binance exchange statistics; Trading market pairs: 1335: 24h Volume: $3,250,166,256 USD. €2,714,919,127 EUR. 3,629,305,508,649 KRW. 89,702 BTC. 24h Trades: more. Binance updates its interest rate every hour, but you can always check the current rates on the Margin Fee page. Binance offers margin traders a bird's eye view into their Margin Level. Margin Level on Binance is the risk level calculated on your debt and funds held as collateral. This level changes with market movements. The Margin Level rises when market prices move against your prediction—which means your holdings could be liquidated

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  1. Support Helpline For All Members. You Have To Be Sure That Our Signals Are ACCURATE And ASSURED Enough To Increase Your PROFITS; And For Confirmation. You Can Check Our Signals History. For More Detail And Joining https://t.me/Binance_BestTrader
  2. Subscribed for a month, took few signals, and got some about 20% profit. So quality and accuracy of signals are pretty stable. I\'ll give 4/5. The support team works pretty well, but the time of reply was longer than I expected. Sometimes I have to wait more than 3 hours. In some quick questions, it was a little bit critical. Support is 3/5
  3. Binance Futures Launches Monday & Tuesday Bounty! To welcome first-time users, Binance Futures will reward its users with a $5000 Bonus Jackpot every Monday and Tuesday of the week. Please check for more details here
  4. Crypto exchange Binance has announced that it is launching zero-commission tradable stock tokens. Each stock token will be worth the one share of stock. Each token is backed by a corresponding share in a depository portfolio of underlying securities. Binance is launching these tokens in partnership with investment firm CM-Equity AG and asset.
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  6. Binance now also offer fiat-crypto trading which allows you to trade crypto with many fiat currencies from around the world. This represents a progressive step for the broker who had previously been crypto-crypto only. In this regard, more than 30 fiat currencies from around the world are supported for deposit and trading
  7. Out of all the companies operating in the cryptocurrency market, none have grown as significantly as the leading crypto exchanges. These behemoths have painted a new industry faster than Morris Katz.Some have reported that Binance is even the fastest profitable startup in history to reach unicorn ($1B+ valuation) status.It only took the exchange about 6 months

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The third step is to verify your identity on Binance exchange. If you want to withdraw more than 100 Bitcoin per day than you have to verify your identity but if your daily withdrawal limit is below 2 bitcoin than you do not need step 3. To verify your identity on Binance exchange first log in to your account While we can gather some information about Binance's profits each quarter due to the BNB burn, we don't have more detailed reports. This also doesn't directly correlate to their revenue each month. Based on the profits from the last quarter, we would bet that Binance is currently bringing in more revenue than Coinbase. However, Coinbase may have been bringing in more revenue even as recently as 6-9 months ago. That suggests Binance may have recently overtaken Coinbase in revenue IP bans are tracked and scale in duration for repeat offenders, from 2 minutes to 3 days. A Retry-After header is sent with a 418 or 429 responses and will give the number of seconds required to wait, in the case of a 429, to prevent a ban, or, in the case of a 418, until the ban is over. The limits on the API are based on the IPs, not the API keys

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Source: Binance. One BNB is worth 13.87 USD according to coinmarketcap.com. The announcement states that a user can only make one such transaction every 24 hours, and will not be able to check their exchange history for the time being. Source: reddi Now, Binance announced the official launch of its Binance Card in Europe and the United Kingdom to celebrate its anniversary. The crypto debit card will enable users to convert and spend Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Swipe, and Binance USD to fiat at more than 60 million merchants across 200 regions and territories worldwide I need to check some of my history from January and February 2019 but in my PC the Google Chrome history only can get my history up to 3 months back

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It was trading around $63,160 as of 8:12 a.m. in Hong Kong.The listing is seen pushing crypto even more into the mainstream of investing, exposing legions of potential buyers to digital tokens. History of Binance. Binance launched in Shanghai, China, in early 2017. The founder of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, was well known in the trading sector. He helped to develop high-frequency trading systems for the stock exchange. Binance saw immediate success. By early 2018, Binance had become the most active exchange in the world. Today, the network has more than 10 million users, 600 employees, and made $500 million in profits in its first year alone Meanwhile, a record amount of equity funds is being absorbed: Inflows to stocks over the past five months, at $576 billion, exceed inflows from the prior 12 years, according to the bank.Citigroup.

Back in the early days of January 2019, the coin's price was barely above $5. Now, however, only a bit over two months later, BNB price is at $15.86, and still seeing growth. The coin never suddenly spiked, but instead, its growth was steady and stable Consistent growth in the DeFi sector has done well for BNB. The Binance token is often the main peg in trading pairs, and this resulted in increased demand across the sector. Over the past few months the token went up in value from $37 in January to more than $283 at the time of writing For instance, let's say you deposited $100 and borrowed $200 to enter a trade with $300 at a margin level of 1.5 from a 3X position, Binance sends a notification in case the margin level declines to 1.3. This message requires you to either settle part of the debt or pump your collateral. If you ignore the warning and the margin level reaches 1.1, the exchange will sell your crypto coin and pay the debt. The exchange also recoups its commission and credits the remaining into your account. Iterate over aggregate trade data from (start_time or last_id) to the end of the history so far. If start_time is specified, start with the first trade after start_time. Meant to initialise a local cache of trade data

Instead, traders buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and a variety of tokens from different initial coin offerings (ICOs), a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding model that's raised more than US$3.7. Binance Coin, XRP and Cardano each lost more than 12% at one point. Dogecoin, the token started as a joke, bucked the trend to jump more than 10%, according to Coinbase.The weekend carnage came. Using BNB, you can trade more than 150 cryptocurrencies on the exchange relying on a fast, secure and affordable trade matching system. Apart from that, BNB also gets its own trading pairs to meet your specific trading requirements. You don't have to look anywhere else. Trading Discount. BNB also allows you to get a 50% discount on the trading fee. If you're purchasing $10,000 worth of coins, you will be charged $10 with conventional payment modes. However, if you use BNB, the trading fee. Binance is now probably the fastest profitable startup to achieve unicorn status in history with a valuation of close to $2 billion. They made it in less than six months. Advertisement. A unicorn is a private company with a valuation of over $1 billion. Although most people outside of the cryptocurrency scenes have never heard about Binance Finally, Binance is working hard on developing its own blockchain, as well as its own decentralized exchange — Binance DEX. Once live, the two will allow Binance to evolve, and become more than just a very popular exchange. It will become a community, one which already made quite a name for itself, and which will invite investors and traders.

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Binance traders can quickly navigate between trading pairs to find trade opportunities from a single place. A great feature with Binance is the ability to quickly enter the size of a trade using the percentage auto-fill options (e.g. 25%, 50% or 75%) of available trading capital. The order window provides a variety of orders such as limit, market, stop-limit and One-Cancel-Other (OCO). OCO is. Bitcoin's surge past $50,000 has been a boon for Binance, as the exchange is raking in new users faster than ever. The crypto behemoth has been attracting more than 300,000 user registrations a day, exceeding its previous peak reached in 2017, Zhao told Bloomberg TV last month The information on what to buy or sell and the market's history is showcased on the right side. Binance Review - Advanced Trading . In the advanced trading version, Binance provides charts and other technical indicators, which take up more space on the page. Compared to the basic version, there is a lot more data that needs to be processed in advanced trading. This data comprises trading.

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  1. In fact, Binance became so popular, so quickly that CZ and Binance both became worth more than $1 billion in less than one year, officially making it one of the first companies to achieve.
  2. Binance Website. If you have been a crypto-trader for anything longer than a few months, you have probably also experienced a lot of negative news from exchanges in the space
  3. @binance I am staking $eth since more than a month. Not receiving beth rewards in the last 3 days. Anyone has the same problem
  4. Global Cryptocurrency Charts. Created with Highcharts 8.2.2. Market Cap 24h Vol. Chart context menu. Log Scale Linear Scale Total Market Capitalization Zoom 1d 7d 1m 3m 1y YTD ALL From To Mar 31, 2021 Market Cap 24h Vol coinmarketcap.com

This has made eToro the second platform to allow users to trade BNB against USD. Binance Coin holds a market cap of $1.1 billion and is currently ranked as the 16th-largest cryptocurrency. $BNB pic.twitter.com/4tcUnUptk8 — eToro (@eToro) October 29, 2018. eToro's initial goal was to become a regulated securities broker. Because of that, it has the ability to offer security tokens to its users. However, it has become clear that it is also looking to become more deeply involved in trading. History: Founded in 2017, with a wider choice of coins to trade. Binance offers users great views and insights on the market of the coins, as well as choices of how to trade their crypto. They are both great exchanges, one is seemingly more ideal for traders, one more so ideal for so called crypto hodlers. If you're new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and you intend to hold the coins for a. Conflux (CFX) Opens On Binance After 3-Month Meteoric 881% Rise By DailyCoin. • Blockchain startup Conflux has risen by more than 881% in the last three months. • Backed by the likes of Huobi and Sequoia Capital, Conflux aims to . Who created Bitcoin Binance Coin sets a new ATH at $608 as token burn approaches. Binance Coin (BNB) has been on a massive price surge that has seen it set a new all-time high, surpassing $600 for the first time. BNB has shot up a massive 16x this year alone, making it among the best performing large-cap altcoins in the market Trading Volume: Uniswap trade volume reached record highs in February. Order Book Liquidity: Binance's BTC-USDT trading pair is the most liquid spot pair in cryptocurrency markets. Volatility and Correlations: Last week, the U.S. Dollar Index reached a 3-month high as Bitcoin and equities suffered steep losses

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  1. utes, and now you can see the success of the concept. Binance Coin (BNB) Price Graph. The coin ranks 8th among all cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The highest price point was not so long ago on Jun 22, 2019. The coin was worth $39.57. All-time low price is $0.096109, which happened to BNB on Aug 01, 2017. Today Binance Coin.
  2. Binance has temporarily suspended to be processed but might take slightly longer time than usual, the statement said. Central bank ban. The CBN directive comes just months after protesters.
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  4. Binance begins to restrict US users ahead of regulatory-compliant exchange launch. The world's largest crypto exchange is going legit. Binance, which processes more than $1 billion on a daily.
  5. Even though there were already more than 100 crypto exchanges when Binance was launched, it managed to take leadership, and really has become one of the most frequently-used platforms for traders. The launch of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in September 2020 was its stab at DeFi. Since rolling out, the total value locked (TVL) in BSC has surged to $31.3bn. And there appears no sign of.
  6. Binance Coin, XRP and Cardano each lost more than 12%. Dogecoin, the token started as a joke, was the only gainer among the 10 largest coins.The weekend carnage came after a heady week for the.

Elrond (ERD): This Binance Launchpad IEO Is Up Over 1580% in 3 Months, Enters Top 50. On Monday (July 13), blockchain platform Elrond (ERD), which sold 25% of its total token supply last summer via an initial exchange offering (IEO) on Binance Launchpad, has been one of the best performing cryptoassets over the past three months, and in this. Other coins, like XRP, lost even more. Binance Coin, meanwhile, lost only half of its value, and while its losses deepened, later on, it was still performing way better than any other crypto. These days, the coin is less than 25% below its all-time high, which is something that cannot be said for any other coin. Further, the coin has a rather. The market cap of the digital asset is up more than 500% in the last 6 weeks. Read more on Binance Coin (BNB) here. Retail Trader Retention Is a Challenge, CMOs Focus on Customer Experience. In a Finance Magnates analysis, we discussed the challenges facing retail brokerages in retaining the massive influx of new traders during 2020

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Binance TRX/USDT trading pair means gold to Tron TRX. The independence of Tron (TRX) has been one of the most awaited events in the crypto sector, but as the day comes closer, there are more and more holders that are not feeling that positive about the token. In the recent days, Tron (TRX) has been in a notable dip, trading in red for the most. Binance basic interface. Source: Binance.com. The classic mode is more advanced and brings back the classic look and feel of Binance exchange. It includes advanced order types, price and market depth charts, bid and ask order books, as well as trade history and open orders overview window. Besides, it allows you to trade with margin and. CEO Binance: Crypto market still in good position The head of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, believes that the crypto market are still in a good position - even after a..

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Trade volume rankings for all cryptocurrencies in the last month Binance Fee Schedule stipulates 0.1% trading fee computed based on your traded volume over a one month period and BNB balance. If you own BNB tokens, the company deducts your fees from your BNB balance. In fact, the fee decreases by up 50% when you clear using BNB. For example, a level 2 user VIP 1 transferring more than 100 BT, and holds. TRADE and USER_DATA endpoints are SIGNED endpoints.; SIGNED (TRADE and USER_DATA) Endpoint Security. SIGNED endpoints require an additional parameter, signature, to be sent in the query string or request body.; Endpoints use HMAC SHA256 signatures. The HMAC SHA256 signature is a keyed HMAC SHA256 operation. Use your secretKey as the key and totalParams as the value for the HMAC operation Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that offers traders across the globe the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade more than 170 cryptocurrencies. As a world leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is capable of processing an average of 1,400,000+ transactions per second and does an average of $1.2 billion in daily trading volume As a result of the surge in activity, the price of the BNB token, used to pay for transactions on BSC, grew by more than 200% in the last month: from ~$50 at the beginning of February to ~$250 at the beginning of March. The Binance Smart Chain is growing quickly due to two reasons: fees and speed

That means you can technically construct the entire candlestick history yourself if you had the historic tick-by-tick trade data from the exchange. All you would need to do is follow these steps: Tally up the volume from every trade in a given interval. Calculate the min trade price for each interval. Calculate the max trade price for each interval. Calculate the open and close prices for each. There are no known time restrictions for exporting your data from Binance, but each CSV file you create has a three-month limit. Export data completeness . You can use the CSV export feature or the API export feature to export your trades, deposits, withdrawals and fee payments to CoinTracking

BNB token holders can access cheaper trades and other rewards within the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, so it works as an advanced loyalty program as well as a standalone cryptocurrency. A Brief History of Binance. Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange on the planet, by daily trading volume, and Binance BNB is a popular token. Changpeng CZ Zhao, its CEO, was recently featured. Binance has a major subreddit with the name of r/Binance. It has more than 74k members. You can discuss anything relating to Binance and BNB on this subreddit. A Short History Of Binance Coin. Binance, founded in July 2017, has, in recent years, become an imperative piece of infrastructure that is broadly used by traders in the crypto industry. This has not gone smoothly, as, in the past, the. Cryptocurrency portfolios are most useful for large-scale traders who have more than 3 coins they actively trade in a portfolio. Some cryptocurrency portfolio trackers also function as. As a trader, it takes more than viable crypto signals to run a profitable business. For one, the efficacy of your chosen crypto exchange, or lack of it, plays a vital role in the success of your trading endeavors. As such, it is common knowledge that traders ought to take the time to research crypto exchanges before adopting their services READ ALSO: Binance Launchpad IEO's Producing More Than 600% Returns. Labeling the lag as a good problem to have probably wasn't the smartest move as it annoyed traders more so than the lag itself. It was in fact selfish of CZ as it implies that as long as the exchange is faring well in trading volumes, they don't really care about the traders. A Twitter user even called CZ out in.

TRADE. EASIER. FASTER. The Best Crypto Exchanges Mobile App. Great for beginners, amazing for experts. Full mobile, no PC needed. Trade anywhere. Now you can manage up to 100 Binance or BitMEX accounts at the same time!CHOOSE YOUR EXCHANGE APP . See App Intro . Rated 4.6 on GooglePlay * More than 100k downloads since 2018 No Android device? Use ProfitTradingApp in your PC with the BlueStacks. Tencent bets billions on gamers with more fans than NBA stars. Prosus sells Tencent stock in second-biggest block trade ever . Facebook turns part of headquarters campus into vaccine site. Panasonic bets on Tesla 'beer can' battery to unlock US$25,000 EVs. U.S. adds seven Chinese supercomputing firms to export-ban list. Twitter pokes at China with emoji supporting #MilkTeaAlliance. Uber to.

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Binance also offers to trade against some local FIAT coins such as the Russian Ruble and the Turkish Lira. Always developing: Binance is continuously developing - after launching its own Binance blockchain, run by its native token - BNB, Binance had successfully launched its decentralized exchange and Binance Launchpad for new projects launch (IEOs) There are more than 150 coins available on Binance to trade. You can trade against bitcoin or other major altcoins like ethereum, ripple, litecoin or alternatively you can also trade crypto against stablecoins. As Binance list new coins every now and then based on the demand from the community, refer to their info page for the most updated list of available coins In just six months, Binance Coin was not only able to recoup the lost value, but it also touched a new high since August 2019, at $32.30 mark. This is also the highest peak year to date. As you can attest, crypto prices keep shifting, and the best way a crypto investor can avoid losses is to keep informed about the evolution of the prices. Binance Coin Price History. Binance Coin is the native.

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