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  1. What is the origin of HODL? The term HODL originates from a Bitcointalk post entitled 'I AM HODLING', written in 2013 back when Bitcoin was just $551 and, fittingly, crashing. In the post, a drunken rant from forum user 'GameKyubi' complains about failing to take advantage of the volatile swings of the market
  2. Original-Post mit dem Titel I AM HODLING von Gamekyuubi. Andere Wortschöpfungen rund um Kryptowährungen sind unter anderem: Bagholder: Mit diesem Begriff sind Investoren gemeint, die auf die falsche Kryptowährung gesetzt haben und nun im Besitz einer Menge Coins ohne Wert sind. Indem sie diese halten, hoffen sie, wenigstens die Hälfte ihres Investments eines Tages wieder einzufahren. Womöglich wird das jedoch nie passieren
  3. The origin of HODL. LEGACY. There are plenty of new people here and some of you may be wondering why everyone keeps saying hodl instead of hold. It originated with this post on the bitcointalk forum in 2013. Imgur
  4. Original-Post in dem das Wort HODL erschaffen wurde. Es dauerte nicht lange und der Begriff wurde in der Krypto-Szene zum Kult und es tauchten eine Menge Memes zu dem Thema auf. Der Originalbeitrag hat (stand Januar 2018) mehrere hunderttausend Aufrufe und über 132 Seiten
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  6. The origin of HODL dates back to 2013. This was the year where the Bitcoin price rallied from $13 to over $1,100. I discovered Bitcoin in late 2013, after acquiring my first physical bitcoin and I still vividly remember the euphoric feeling of that rally. As a precious metals collector, I had never experienced the feeling of holding an asset that quintipled in value in less than 90 days time. I remember staring at the charts and witnessing Bitcoin breaking the $1,000 barrier for the first time

HODL ist in der Kryptoszene bis heute weit verbreitet und ein Begriff, der generell bekannt ist. Er wird hier sehr häufig verwendet und bringt den Willen und Ehrgeiz der Anleger zum Ausdruck. Übrigens: Auch der originale HODL-Thread ist bis heute noch aktiv. Auf weit über 100 Seiten wurde hier inzwischen diskutiert. Den originalen Post auf englisch können Sie auf Wunsch hier lesen The very first time the term HODL appeared on the Bitcoin talk forum was in 2013 and came from a member named GameKyuubi under the thread I AM HODLING. From the look of the post, he was drunk and wanted to convey the fact that he was holding his BTC despite the serious fall that had just happened HODL ist inzwischen zu einer Strategie geworden, die von Menschen verwendet wird, die zugeben, dass sie nicht über die Fähigkeiten verfügen, kurzfristige Geschäfte zu tätigen - wie Scalping, Daytrading oder Swing-Trading. Der Begriff HODL hat auch die Schaffung eines ähnlichen Begriffs inspiriert, BUIDL, der von der Kryptowährungsgemeinschaft häufig verwendet wird, um sich auf die vielen Arten von Anwendungen zu beziehen, die innerhalb der Blockchain-Industrie entwickelt werden HODL /ho-dl/ (verb) 1. To hold onto something [bitcoin] tightly with no intention of letting it go. 2. To hold on for dear life. Origin: Misspelling of the word hold on a 2013 bitcointalk.org post. Like many great memes, HODL was immaculately conceived. It was not engineered, brainstormed, or planned. It sprung suddenly into existence on December 18th, 2013. In a span of 24 hours, the price of bitcoin had fallen 39%, from above $700 to under $500. Then, at 10:03 UTC, I'd credit elux with coining the phrase. What makes a leader you say? The first follower. Elux here quoted GameKyuubi, and by doing so he became the first follower and made HODL what it is today: some internet meme

Origin. On December 18th, 2013, Bitcoin Talk Forums On July 20th, 2014, Redditor rafaelnorman submitted a post titled what's HODL? to /r/Bitcoin, to which user bitskeptic cited the Bitcoin Talk Forums thread as the origin of the term. On December 19th, 2015, Urban Dictionary user netspider submitted an entry for hodl, defining it as a prompt for bitcoin users to avoid the temptation. Origin of hodl. 1 comment. It originated with this post on the bitcointalk forum in 2013. In 19th-century England numerous scholars embarked on a search for Robin crypto group trader reviews Hood after the publication of Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe in origin of hodl 1820.Set in 1194, Scott's novel takes place in England.save. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up

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  1. What does HODL mean? Simply put, it means to hold on and not sell. In true internet fashion, this key cryptocurrency term sphere is derived from a drunken rant on a Bitcoin forum. Check out the original post above and here. Some people have also declared the word an acronym standing for holding on for dear life. In either case, the sentiment remains. The key takeaway from this post, is a useful piece of advice, In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you.
  2. g industry and become one of the top crypto assets of the year. In a new video, Armstrong tells his 561,000 YouTube subscribers that he's eyeing Phantasma, a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain solution.
  3. g the market became so much more when the original poster misspelled HOLDING as HODLING in the title. The comments section ran with the typo and it became a meme.-- one post in the comments from the bitcoin forum . The idea of HODL spread from there to all of the crypto communities. Every believed in HODL because.
  4. Hodl (/ ˈ h ɒ d əl / HOD-əl; often written HODL) is slang in the cryptocurrency community for holding a cryptocurrency rather than selling it. A person who does this is known as a Hodler. It originated in a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Forum message board by an apparently inebriated user who posted with a typo in the subject, I AM HODLING

The History of HODL HODL, one of the most frequently used terms in the cryptocurrency world, originated years ago from a typo. On a December morning in 2013, user GameKyuubi posted an entry. Mark Cuban is a Wall Street Shark. But the HODL ethos of the Bitcoin ecosystem made him understand —and support— the logic behind the actions of a Subreddit that wants to stand against Wall Street. The billionaire investor, Shark Tank personality, and Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner, Mark Cuban; took a few hours to share his knowledge in an AMA. Original Post Finder. Ignore the reblogs, find Tumblr originals (Optional) Filter by tag. or posts over note count. Begin. ADVERTISEMENT Find your original posts Find all original posts for any Tumblr blog. You can filter posts by note count or a certain tag. FAQs The app is broken or not returning any posts. When a price plunge occurs, investors will often see the asset with negative sentiment. However, the ones implementing the HODL strategy will continue to hold their coins and not sell. A drunken origin story. The term originally came from a post from a popular bitcoin forum, Bitcointalk. A user by the name of GameKyuubi got a bit tipsy on his. - HODL is a term originating from a 2013 Bitcoin Talks forum post - HODL means to not sell your crypto, even if the market is crashing - By hodling your crypto for an extended amount of time, you could create a large return on investment - When you HODL, it's important to keep your crypto secure. This can be done with Ledger's hardware wallets : To those unfamiliar with crypto, the.

The London-based firm is one the fastest-growing fintech companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, according to the 2019 Deloitte Fast 500 Europe competition that ranked companies based on geographic regions Der offizielle HODL Shop Deutschland. Deine Sport- u. Lifestyle- Bekleidung. Freizeit- u. Aktivkleidung. Crypto- u. Sportkleidung. Komfortabel. Fairtrade Hodl Hodl. 369 likes · 2 talking about this. P2P cryptocurrency trading platform that doesn't hold fund

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The True Origin of HODL | The BC.Game Blo BasketStudio.com Baskets and Sailors Valentines by Brandy Llewellyn. Home; About the Artist; Gallery Items; History of Nantucket Baskets; Sailor's Valentine

HODL original. Quite simply the jewel in our crown :) Premium Blend (65% polyester, 35% ringspun-combed cotton). Shirt available in White, Blue, Silver and Dark Grey (other colours available on request). HODL print available in White, Black and Red. Standard sizes: S M L XL XXL 34/36 37/39 40/42 43/45 46/4 The origin of HODL can be traced back to December 18, 2013, and a legendary, whiskey-fueled rant on Bitcoin Forum by someone calling themselves GameKyuubi. To provide context, just before the series of poorly written posts were typed - or mistyped - the price of bitcoin had fallen almost 40 per cent, from $716 to $438 in 24 hours, according to CoinDesk Home Money Laundering The Origin of HODL. AUTO NEXT. 0. 0. Please to vote. Sign In. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. Your Crypto Taxes are Inflated . A Legacy of No-Fee Bitcoin Transactions . Coinbase Considering 30+ New Tokens.. It first appeared exclusively in a Bitcoin talk forum in 2013 in a post named I AM HODLING from a user named GameKyuubi— a Japanese crypto community member. HODL meaning, essentially means; Hold on for dear life Bitcoin Investment. 'Hodl' - Bitcoin Historically Generates Its Yearly Gains in 10 Days, Says Tom Lee. Emilio Janus | May 11, 2019 | 11:00. Bitcoin generates all of its yearly performance gains within just ten days. Miss those 10 days and your average is 25% down annually since 2013. Today was one of those days

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Hodl The Origin Of A Meme And Why It Matters Fodl Blog Tagged Hodl Btc Unisex Fitted T Shirt Crypto Shopper S3 E8 American Hodl On 6 15 Btc And Eternal Riches The Bitcoin The Origin Of Hodl The Coin Radar What Is Hodl Hodl Definition Hodl Get This Extension For Firefox En Us What Does Hodl Mean In Crypto Crypto Words Explained Hodl Definition Binance Academy Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com. What is the origin of HODL? What does HODL mean? And how is HODL pronounced? We solve the common misconceptions surrounding the term once and for all... Bitcoin hodl origin: Surprising outcomes achievable! A is for me fixed - A own Attempt with Bitcoin hodl origin, the is clearly Duty! In the cases, in which a Offer sun well acts how Bitcoin hodl origin, is it often soon after not longer to buy be, there Natural of some Manufacturers not welcome The word hodling was created accidentally when an online post back in 2013 went viral after a bitcoiner tried to say — supposedly drunk at the time — that he would be holding on to his tokens. The term quickly became an official Bitcoin term for not selling your crypto but holding onto it as an investment, even when the markets rock. If you're new to Bitcoin culture, you've started at. This post will highlight some great authors from the past week. We are continuing our initiative to give 5% of this post's rewards to each Hive Blogger mentioned below. If you are one of these Hive wales, spread love among content creators by upvoting this post. This is another way to give back to our amazing #HODL Community ! So let's roll

It turns out, HODL actually originated as a drunken misspelling of the word hold. Seven years ago today, at 10:03 am UTC, an enthusiastic Bitcointalk forum user by the name of GameKyuubi posted a semi-intelligible tirade (after a few drinks, he admits) about an unfortunate Bitcoin trading decision he made during a volatile price rally in December 2013 Hodl is a meme that originated in a drunken post on the Bitcointalk.org forum back in late 2013 as the bitcoin price was collapsing amid regulation-related concerns in China

Alles im Shop der Deutschen Post: Briefmarken, DHL Paketmarken, Büroartikel, Nachsendeservice und Lagerservice. Schnell geliefert oder sofort ausdrucken Hodl Original Snapback. October 5, 2020 main admin1. 164 votes, 68 comments. is both funny and inspirational! Looking forward to a great 2018! Bitcoin Mining Complete Guide The cryptocurrency that stabilizes the world, the first of its kind, the bitcoin was once a fully-fledged class of tech. Bitcoin Hits $15k Bitcoin An aggregation of blockchain and cryptocurrency news of the most prominent. Hodl, Central Southsea, Portsmouth. 87 likes. A crypto street wear brand with a variety of crypto related products Top-Angebote für Original-Emailschilder online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswah

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Bitcoin HODL Waves is a visualisation pioneered by Unchained Capital, it shows the cross section of Bitcoin held in wallets grouped by the age since they last moved. The upper contours, represent supply (old coins that have remained unmoved) while the lower contours represent new demand (coins that have recently shifted). The composite view clearly shows each bull cycle bringing in new demand. HODL is one of those expressions. The First HODLer HODL was first coined in the Bitcoin talk forum in 2013 as a misspelling of HOLD when a user named GameKyuubi posted I AM HODLING 5 Reasons to Be Happy if You HODL Bitcoin Right Now. Christina Comben | Mar 20, 2020 | 10:00 . Share. Tweet. Send. Share. In these uncertain times, there seems to be little to be cheerful about. But as global chaos and social distancing are the order of the day, now, more than ever, you should be thankful you're HODLing bitcoin. Here are five reasons why. 1. Bitcoin Avoids the Great.

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Early Investors Hodl Post-Tesla-Bitcoin Buy As Analysts Debate Hedge 'Myth' submitted by /u/CBTre to r/btc : Quelle: bitcoin-en. weiterlesen. Zurück. Winning for r/btc ️.... vor 1 Stunde. A new liquidity mining program with Vesper. vor 2 Stunden. Pissed shill crying censorship runs against arguments goes to r/cc to stroke his ego, gets censored. vor 2 Stunden. Alquila tu Cancha accept BCH. Turkey's currency tumbled 7.5% on Monday, in its biggest single-day selloff since 2018, after the abrupt ouster of the central-bank governor last week. The lira fell to as low as 8.280 a dollar. Stream Rick Roblinski - HODL (Original Mix) by Rick Roblinski from desktop or your mobile devic Bitte senden Sie Ihre Post für die DAK-Gesundheit an die für Ihr Bundesland zutreffende Adresse. Dort wird sie elektronisch erfasst. Ihr Vorteil: Sie steht uns sofort zur Verfügung und kann umgehend bearbeitet werden. Oder schicken Sie uns Ihre Dokumente schnell und sicher digital mit der DAK Scan-App. Bundesland Zentrale Postanschrift; Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg. Subscription application forms must be received by the Administrator, either by post, or by facsimile (with original to follow by post), before 12.00 pm (Irish time) on the Business Day preceding the relevant Dealing Day or such other time as the Directors may from time to time determine and notify to Shareholders and the Central Bank

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Select options Add to wishlist. Original HODL Women's T-shirt £ 18.00 Select options Add to wishlis The Origin Of Hodl Youtube Where Does The Term Hodl Come From Billfodl The Origin Of The Greatest Crypto Meme Ever Hodl Cryptocurrency Where Does The Term Hodl Come From Billfodl Friday Meme History Hodl What Does Hodl Mean Cryptocurrency Facts What Does Hodl Mean Where Did It Originate Steemit New Hodl Meme Memes Bitcoin Memes Cryptocurrency Memes Reddit Bitcoin Memes The Internet Lols At The. Hodl Original Snapback. By • Original designs • High-quality materials • Hand made to order • HODL Boutique is an crypto clothing label like no other • Buy premium t-shirts, Snapbacks, Hats, Beanies etc. • Pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Stellar & more • Worlds Finest Crypto Merch • Best Blockchain Apparel • Bitcoin Dollar Calculator Bitcoin and stocks. :shocked: Der Hodl bekam heute Post !!! :shocked: 20657 Ohh Schreck was ist das ????? 20658 Und jetzt bin ich Prospect und weiss nicht mal so recht warum und was ich da zu tun hab und ob ich das will? :shocked: :weirdo Great game! Awesome that you have a map too, it was a nice touch

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Hey there, I'm using Hodl Hodl! Tedgho (no rating & trades) 54859.50 USD. En az/Maksimum: 10 - 10 USD. VISA Gift Card. Herhangi bir yer: Accepting multiple VISA cards 10$ brucew (no rating & trades) 55408.10 USD. En az/Maksimum: 300 - 800 USD. Bitcoin Lightning Network. Herhangi bir yer: Buy BTC with Bitcoin Lightning Network(Quick) thiagopaesm (100%, 5) 55997.08 USD. En az/Maksimum: 300. Get Rewarded to Post! Login; Register; Hide; 21. Kamran Akbar Kamran A 29 Aug OC. 1UP. 46 70 4,104. 70 70. Just Hodl it... Hi uptrenndians I hope you are all good and safe at your homes using uptrennd. Do you believe in holding crypto or you in favor to sell at early with little profit? If you will ask me this question then I will answer that Just Hodl it!.

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What is HODL in the Cryptocurrency World

Photos and 38 biographies with the Hodl last name. Discover the family history, nationality, origin and common names of Hodl family members According to a Reddit thread sniffing out the origin, one language-challenged bitcoin cheerleader accidentally used hodl in this 2013 post: A Reddit user aptly named Hodlandwait waxed. Get Rewarded to Post! Login; Register; Hide; 21. Hope Ochei Hope O 8h OC. Airdrops. 6 29 187. 29 29. INVEST AND HODL Project . The iHODL project is is simply Invest and hold. It is a Defi project that gives holders incentives for holding the token. All you need to do is register and you will get $10 in iHODL for joining. Stake your $10 iHODL and you will receive dividends for reinvesting your. Hodl: The intentionally misspelled word hodl has its roots in a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Talk forum, I AM HODLING; when the author, GameKyuubi, couldn't be bothered to fix his.

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Source: Time to 'HODL' on Bitcoin! Trading Post Bitcoin Halving! - Bitcoin Forum. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Published by nickhill2622. View all posts by nickhill2622 Uncategorized. Post navigation. Previous Cryptocurrency platforms saw transactions nearly triple post Bitcoin Halving! | Bitcoin forum - Discuss and Learn About Cryptocurrency. Next. Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment. We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. Blubber-Zugger. Ehrenmitglied. Likes Received 1 Posts 3,857. Feb 17th 2009 #2; Deine Altersangabe von 1986 ist definitiv falsch bei deinen englisch Kenntnissen. Die Post bereitet das Verschicken des Pakets vor. Gregpipe. Professional. Posts 952. Feb 17th 2009. Buy this shirt: https://americastee.com/product/official-dogecoin-to-the-moon-crypto-hodl-cryptocurrency-shirt/ Kim Jones has been grafting the Official Dogecoin to. Das beliebteste Internetportal Deutschlands mit Angeboten rund um Suche, Kommunikation, Information und Services

Yesterday was five years to the day since a BitcoinTalk user known as GameKyuubi first used the term 'HODL,' writing in a post how he would hold on to his Bitcoin and wait for the price to raise instead of 'burning' coins doing trading on exchanges. HODL is now one of the industry's most popular phrases Briefmarkenkalender der Deutschen Post Originale mit Geschichte mit Hülle. Wurden nie benutzt. Bei dem 97 Kalender fehlt die... 30 € VB. Versand möglich. 26121 Oldenburg. 15.02.2021. Suche den Briefmarkenkalender Deutsche Post 2021. Suche den Briefmarkenkalender Deutsche Post 2021. 1 € VB. Versand möglich . 98693 Ilmenau. 12.02.2021. Briefmarkenkalender Deutsche Post 1998-2005. Home / Trending / Just Hodl It Cool Bitcoin Apparel shirt. Just Hodl It Cool Bitcoin Apparel shirt $ 27.00 $ 22.99. Being a beautiful person is a dream of people. Just Hodl It Cool Bitcoin Apparel shirt help your dream come true. Let's buy now! Grab here. SELECT STYLE AND CHOOSE SIZE. Share this product Category: Trending Tags: Apparel, Bitcoin, Just Hodl It . Customer Review; Related News. Automatically deleting the duplicated version and updating the original post, maintaining the original URL. And, you can schedule these updates as well! This feature also works seamlessly in Elementor. Curious to see how this brand-new feature works? Check out this video! There's more to come! The Duplicate Post WordPress plugin is a recent addition to the Yoast stable. We're avid users of.

82 % der Original HP Druckerpatronen enthalten 45 bis 70 % recycelten Kunststoff. 100 % der Original HP Tonerkartuschen enthalten 5 bis 45 % von Verbrauchern oder Unternehmen recycelte Materialien. Beinhaltet keine nicht in der Liste enthaltenen Tonerflaschen, Tintenflaschen und sonstigen Produkte Das Original - seit 1893 Auf unserer Route, von Norden bis Süden, die malerische norwegische Küste entlang, verbinden wir 34 der wichtigsten Gemeinden, zu jeder Jahreszeit. Weiter zu der klassischen Postschiffroute Expeditions. Für Entdecker, von Entdeckern Sie sitzen in der ersten Reihe und erleben unsere Welt hautnah - auf unseren Expeditions-Seereisen stehen Nachhaltigkeit und die.

78.2k Likes, 2,027 Comments - Estephania (@estephania_ha) on Instagram: Autumn Vibes ☺ Ich liebe diese Bilderserie Die Farben, das Outfit, der Steg • • Autum Persönliche Briefe: Wann Sie die Post öffnen dürfen Das Landesarbeitsgericht Hamm hat mit Urteil vom 19.02.2003 (Az. 14 Sa 1972/02) geurteilt, wie mit Posteingängen zu verfahren ist: Merken Sie sich: Soweit die Adresszeile keinen Vermerk Persönlich oder Vertraulich enthält, darf das Sekretariat oder die Posteingangsstelle des Unternehmens an Mitarbeiter adressierte Post öffnen Lend at Hodl Hodl, a P2P lending platform that champions user privacy, has announced the addition of Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) lending.This follows the success of Liquid-based USDt on the platform, where it is currently the most-loaned asset. An Alternative to Swaps. L-BTC lending will provide Bitcoin users with an alternative on-ramp to improved privacy, faster transaction times, and lower. Buy this shirt: Click here to buy this Puppiesshirt - Official Dogecoin to the moon crypto hodl cryptocurrency shirt Well, that was quick. This past week at the Official Dogecoin to the moon crypto hodl cryptocurrency shirt Additionally,I will love this inauguration, Senator Bernie Sanders struck a pose that was seen and memed around the world

Was Kunden der Post bei Verlust von Briefen tun können, ob und in welcher Höhe die Post bei Verlust haftet und welche Versandarten am sichersten sind. Ab wann gilt eine Briefsendung als verloren? Zunächst einmal heißt es abwarten. Denn laut ihren AGBs gibt die Deutsche Post keine zeitlichen Garantien für die Zustellung. Das heißt, dass die Deutsche Post bei normalen Briefsendungen keine. You can see how Hodl families moved over time by selecting different census years. The Hodl family name was found in the USA in 1920. In 1920 there were 2 Hodl families living in Illinois. This was about 29% of all the recorded Hodl's in the USA. Illinois and 1 other state had the highest population of Hodl families in 1920 Doom1n - HODL ME (Original mix) [Slap House] ''HODL ME'' on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6sP8Vq... Tidal: https://listen.. images.shop.deutschepost.d For further information, please contact: COIN Hodl Inc.Ben CubittChief Executive OfficerTelephone: (416) 479-5407Email: ir@coinhodlinc.comTokens.com Inc.Andrew Kiguel, Chief Executive OfficerEmail.

What Does HODL Mean? - CryptoCurrency Facts
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